Fraser Market Access is an importer of specialty foods, origin certified coffee and chocolates, tropical fruit products, and unusual beverages prepared and packaged by outstanding small and mid-sized Colombian companies.

Our current brands are:

  • Café Luís Benavides™ -- origin-certified 100% Colombian Nariño coffee (new brand)
  • Tropical Passion™ -- chocolate covered cream and dehydrated fruit bonbons (new brand)
  • Quesos Del Vecchio™ -- fresh, aged, and smoked cheeses
  • Don Maiz™ -- Colombian corn patties (arepas) and turnovers (empanadas)
  • La Huerta de Oriente™ - Long- life tropical fruit pulps




Product promotion and marketing: Our target market is customers who seek high quality, interesting foods, sweets, and beverages of Latin American origin. We are promoting our products in smaller food chains, and other higher-end shops, hotels, and restaurants in and around major metropolitan areas in the U.S.

On-line sales: The new FMA on-line store will serve individual customers who visit our website specifically to view and purchase products directly from us. Many of these customers will be Colombians and others specifically seeking these products in the U.S.

For additional information about our products and our business please visit our Products and About FMA webpages.

We are always interested in receiving your feedback and comments, including ideas for new and/or improved products. Please use our Questionnaire and Contacts pages for this purpose.

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Allied companies:

1. Global.com: Café Luís Benavides™, Bogotá and Pasto
2. Futuragro: Tropical Passion™Chocolate, Bogotá
3. Quesos Del Vecchio, S.A., Bogotá
4. Alimentos SAS, S.A., Bogotá
5. Don Maíz, S.A., Bogotá


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